Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Hairstyles for Thick Hair

While many women spend their time worrying about how to get thick hair, many of those who have thick hair spend their time worrying how to tame those locks and find some really great hairstyles for thick hair.  The good news is that hairstylists these days can create some fantastic hairstyles for thick hair and there are some that you can create on your own simply and easily. Here are just a few types of hairstyles that look terrific on woman with thicker tresses.



Short Hair Styles for  Thick Hair

Not everyone who has thick hair wants to wear their hair long.  Some women like shorter hairstyles as they are generally cooler and more comfortable and easy to care for.  A couple of short hairstyles for thick hair are the pixie and the layered bob.

The pixie is an extremely short hair style that is cut to fit close to the head.  In some pixie styles longer strands of hair are used to frame the face or to give the hairstyle individual personality. Due to their head clinging cut these hairstyles are perfect for women with thick hair who want a short and manageable hair cut.

A mid length bob that comes to the chin or just below is another great hairstyle for women with thick hair who want a shorter easier to care length.  Bobs for women with thick hair are usually slightly layered to provide a sleeker and less puffy look.

Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair

There are a host of hairstyles for thick hair that is medium length.  In fact, most hairstyles that are suitable for long thick hair also work well on medium length hair as well.  Some great hairstyles for medium length thick hair are:

Layered cuts?  Layer cuts reduce the thickness of the hair leaving it looking full but not too puffy.  These styles are extremely popular because they are easier to care for and look great for any occasion. Loose curls also look great on women with medium length thick hair and when combined with a layered hair cut can looked elegant and sexy.

French braids are also suitable as hairstyles for thick hair of medium length as thicker hair really shows the intricacy of these braids to perfections.  Messy buns and a variety of different styles of pony tails also look great on that medium length hair.

Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

While it may not seem like it, long thick hair lends itself to a wide variety of beautiful and simple hair styles.  Fishtail and French braids both look elegant and stunning when worn by a woman with long thick hair.  Layered cuts, a variety of curly hairstyles, and a mass array of different pony tails all make excellent hairstyles for thick hair when the hair is long and luxurious.  You can also get away with wearing a small mini bun at the back of your head and leaving the rest of your hair hang down as well as simply pulling your hair to one side and wearing a bun just under your ear.

There are so many hairstyles for thick hair the problem is not finding one but, choosing which one is right for you.